Past & Present

Left to right: Rosnah, Nurul Hasanah, Azli, Amin and Hafiz were the memorable first batch of graduate students who enlightened the earliest phase of my career. Labouring in the lab, then, was Yunita Megasari who, as a result, could not make it for the photo session.

After refusing several M.Sc. candidates, someone from far, far away came to join hands in a research on eco-friendly fibre production from oil palm petiole:

At Electron Microscopy Unit, School of Biological Sciences, USM.

International doctoral student (2012-2016), now Dr Abdulwahab showing his bio-depithed vascular bundles. Standing beside him was an international graduate student, Yunita Megasari Dermawan, an asset of the research group.

Three of BPC’s bests now at Muda Paper Mill, Penang.

With steel and silicon millers, Tisco Harsco Pte Ltd (USA/China) and Bloomina Pte Ltd (Malaysia).

Queuing for a presentation on Siliceous Structures in Oil Palm Biomass at Malaysian Palm Oil Board, MPOB.

With judges and international young innovators – careful: don’t judge a book by its cover!

With UUM presenter at ILEC 2015 after sharing some findings of the first SoTL research on mapping.

Invigilation of BPC freshers and minor students for IWK103.

Attending kenduri – with USM bests – retiree, Ms Jamilah from School of Biological Sciences and Mdm Salmah (far right) previously from School of Industrial Technology. They added zeal to my career in USM.

I go shooting on free weekends and currently learning pro shooting position.


Rifle clubbing is fun! Come join us!

More on hobbies, 1977-present.

This is a flashback to the traditional times of communication before digitalisation:

Late grandpa’s collection of early covers – Malaya and elsewhere.


Memories of the 80s. Stamps remind me of people and places and the colours they paint.

Today’s most productive past time is trading of crypto assets. Join me in maximising the 4th Industrial Revolution.

As easy as a click:

Time waits for no man. So does technology.

Find me here if you can’t find me at the office:

A safe stop at windy Sg. Batu area (for thinking; reading & writing) is a good escape from KPI worries. It helps me revive the true spirit of work – service for the love of the nation!

Relevant Read:

Gertak Sanggul, Penang – just an occasional weekend play spot.

Other times, eat, pray, work.

Most cherished serious work of 2017:

The last days of teaching tasks in 2017:

Took IWK307 students to SERC, Malaysia’s only one-stop centre for materials analysis. Colours of the pic, left to right: Boon, Wen Ping, Yana, Akma, Hui Ling, Aini, Mira (Host), Ezza (Host), Syafika, Athira and Azlan.

Intro to SERC by Ezzah.

Diplomatic ties PPTI-SERC through IWK307.

; )

Mira explaining about AAS and ICP.

Director of international analytical service provider, in-the-making.

GCMS briefing by Ezzah.

HRTEM story by En. Azrul.

Sharing on FESEM by En. Fadhirul.

2017 students¬† – “Hot Analyst“s

With 2017 FYP student, Yana. She makes multipurpose pulp from lemongrass.



At the lemongrass farming site. Hanis (BPC fresher) and Yana with collaborators, Pn Hjh Liza and Tn Hj. Shamsul – estate owner.







The truth is, we all work within the gift of TIME domain:


Time Through the Ages

By (the token of) time (through the ages)

Verily man is in loss except those who

  • Have faith and
  • Join together in the teaching
    • of truth
    • of patience and
    • of constancy.

(The Quran, Chapter 103)