Hey.. Maps are important output from my Thinking Classrooms.

Course map construction is very much encouraged as it trains students to handle the complex linkages of knowledge at visibility level.

Here is an example of a complex map constructed by a first year student.

Visit Room332 for viewing of the master copy.

The map of materials analysis has changed with time, catering for the needs of students throughout their undergraduate years.

As of 2016:

Application of analysis relevant to IUK107 Part 1 2017/2018 & Part 3 for 2018/2019 academic year.


Sharing some steps in the map making process:

Organising points whether by chapter or by course learning outcomes. Then..


Deciding on the colour scheme is a process that requires artistic touch, which requires learning. Well, as I am still learning please do not expect perfection.




Map of IWK307 based upon 2017/2018 Course Learning Outcome (CLOs)

Thank you to Hitouch Academy for sponsoring the T&L 2017-2019.  Thank you to students who added very strong meaning to my learning journey.

Let’s do our share in nation building.


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