Here is mine:

The formal education journey I had taught me a great set of ethical standards. Thanks to:

  • Mom and dad who chose the kindy and schools in Taiping for me.
  • Convent school teachers – the values you shared stay with me forever – the legacy for the generations to come.
  • Lecturers of UniSA – thank you for enforcing ethics. By loading students with mountains of writing works and penalizing copy cats, UniSA indirectly trained thinking. I embrace them timelessly.
  • Supervisors – MSc and PhD who instructed me to write research papers. Citation means the usability of our share of knowledge.


Thank you to all who were there during the steepest slope of my learning curve. Measure of precaution:



Think not that those who exult in what they have brought about,

and love to be praised for what they have NOT DONE*

Think not they can escape the Penalty

For them is a Penalty grievous indeed.

To Allah belongs the Dominion of the heavens and the earth;

And Allah has power over all things.

Source: Ali ‘Imran: 188-189.

*A searching picture of a wordly wise! They may cause mischief and misery to others, but gloat over any glory it may bring them! They may trample down Allah’s truths, and enthrone false standards of worship. They may take credit for virtues they DO NOT possess and seeming successes that come in spite of their despicable deceptions.


The Meaning of The Holy Quran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali (1994) Amana Corporation, USA. Page 178.